2022-08-04 Stavanger ENZV Norway

This year the IFFR Scandinavian Section welcomes you to Norway and Stavanger. The city is located in the southwest part of the country and is 4 th largest city in Norway. It is also one of the oldest cities and was founded in 1125, and one of the oldest buildings, The Stavanger Cathedral is in city centre and was finished in 1150.

Stavanger was earlier a small and poor city and it was fishing, shipping and canned food production that was the most important industries. In the 1950s it was more than 50 canned food factories in the city and was called the “Canned Food Capital”. But after the first finding of oil in 1969 at the Ekofisk field, the city has grown and become very international and is
now called “The Oil Capital “. The Nordic countries biggest company, Equinor ASA, has its headquarter in the city and many international big oil companies has offices her