2019-08-08 Vilnius EYVI Litauania

Lithuania is the most southern and the largest of Baltic States with nearly eight hundred years of statehood tradition.
Lithuania’s Capital – Vilnius has always attracted visitors and fascinated everyone with its architectural diversity.
Vilnius has many names, many faces and many mysteries. Seeming to be in the remote corner of Europe, it is, in fact, located less than 20 kilometers from the geographical centre of Europe. And, indeed, Vilnius is like a miniature Europe in one town and you can find here everything – from Italianate Baroque to Russian Orthodox churches, from German Gothic to Austrian Rococo architecture and traces of the Jewish past. It is a city, where one street can tell you a thousand stories. Come to Vilnius to find the Europe, come to Vilnius to find your inspiration. Come to Vilnius to fall in love.

General information for participants flying to Vilnius International, EYVI with their own aircraft;

EYVI is a good airport for general aviation, both VFR and IFR, everything is quite straight forward. The total landing, parking and handling fee is normally 100-120 EUR.

Please note there is ONLY JET A1 at EYVI Participants will be informed about AVGAS airport in the area in good time prior to our meeting.

No PPR is required.

Lithuania AIP is free in on WEB.

Lithuania is a EU country, using EURO and a part of Schengen Area. Participants planing to use airline service are recommended to make reservations early to get good offers.

There are many airlines flying to Vilnius so please check carefully for the best offers.

Information – IFFR Scandinavian section annual meeting is planned on the 9th of august 17:00 at Congress Avenue Hotel.

1. Send the registration form
2. Make the hotel reservation
3. Plan the travel Welcome to Vilnius the capital of Lithuania!

For any assistance: Janis Andersons Rotary PDG, IFFR Tel +371 28 68 08 88 morke@euroskor.com

IFFR Sc Vilnius Fly-In, August 8 – 11 2019

Few things in life are as pleasant as meeting old friends and making new ones. There you have two good reasons for coming to our annual Fly-In, this year held in Vilnius, Lithuania.

We were 54 persons attending from at least 13 different countries – a true display of the Rotary Spirit.

The weather forecast was not very promising – rain predicted for the entire stay! But it turned out to be much better than expected even if it started off with showers and strong winds on Thursday. In fact, a large number of IFFR-friends arriving on their own wings got stranded in Gdansk and Visby, waiting for better weather conditions, before they could finally arrive later in the day.

So, eventually, we could all gather for a traditional Lithuanian dinner on Thursday evening when we also got treated with a presentation of the annual Lithuanian Young Pilots Glider Camp. The Camp have hosted almost 100 youngsters during the years – who have not only learned to fly a glider, but also learn a lot about other things while getting new friends.

The Scandinavian Section of IFFR have decided to contribute 1000 Euros to help support next years Glider Camp, and together with additional contributions from other IFFR Sections and individual Rotary Clubs, we are planning to submit an application for a District Grant with The Rotary Foundation. Hopefully we will be able to raise the 3-5.000 Euros which is needed to finance next year’s Glider Camp.

Friday and Saturday were filled with a lot of activities! It started off with an all-day tour of the city. We went to see impressive churches, the university, the former Jewish community and it´s part of the Holocaust as well as the KGB Museum. The latter two being a more depressing part of Lithuania’s history during and after WW2.

On Saturday we found ourselves on an inland lake – visiting an old fortress and trying to make sense of the art of traveling by the wind. We occupied 8-10 small sailing boats and went out to sea. Fortunately, we were not alone – there was a knowledgeable captain in charge – but many of us got the first experience of sailing that day.

Thanks to Janis Andersons, our Section Activity Leader for 2019, it was a truly well-organized Fly-In. Pleasant excursions, nice meals and the good company of Flying Rotarians made it a very memorable get-together.

Hopefully we will all meet again next year!

Roland Johnsson